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My name is Scott Stedeford and I grew up in a middle class town in Pennsylvania with a great family and support system. In my early 20′s I was introduced to a few of the wrong people when I didn’t even know who I was yet. I was embraced by these people at the darkest time in my life and started going to “bible studies” where the indoctrination started.

I trusted these guys, so I accepted what they were telling me was correct. I accepted the Christian Identity doctrine, as they keep feeding me more and more propaganda. I made the biggest mistake of my life following these people and letting them influence me.

I was arrested in 1996 for bank robbery along with these other people I was spending time with. I took responsibility for the crimes I committed and was sentenced to 30 years without parole. Now, 20 years after serving all this time in prison with no other criminal history I can finally tell my story and help others as I have since I’ve been in prison. I encourage you to read my letter to see who I really am and what I have accomplished inside these prison walls. Here is my official letter

Scott Stedeford #49848-066

FCI Schuylkill

PO Box 759

Minersville, PA 17954



  1. Dear Scott!
    I write You from Russia.First time i heard the songs of day of the sword in 99 whan i was 15y.o. I use to be very proud about You and your story of True White Heroe.
    Now i am 30 and i much proud and happy about You and your change!!!I thank God for this change!!!
    I wish freedom in very near time!!!You are Great man with a great destiny!!!
    I wish You Luck Health and Freedoom!!!!!!!
    Keep the Dreams alive!!!!
    Let the Jo and God be with You!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Scott,

    When I was 11yrs old, I first heard your albums and was hooked. Yours was one of my favorite bands when I was in the movement and I was always inspired listening to them. Unfortunately, I was inspired towards violence and hatred.
    Now, 13yrs later, I’m a completely different person. I walked away from the movement at 17, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I turned my life around, got my education, and have had some degree of success since. Recently, someone told me about your exiting the movement, and I have to say it both inspires me and breaks my heart. I’m inspired to see that even those who are in the absolute thick of it like you were, someone who I considered a true racial warrior, can change their life and leave all the hate behind. I’m heart broken that you’re still forced to sit behind bars for crimes you committed as a different person.

    Stay strong Scott, there are a lot of people on the outside thinking about you

  3. Glad to see you turned it around Scott…a great example for many. And as a music fan I am thrilled you are still doing music. Is there an address for snail mail so I can send a proper letter? Have seen one online but it’s old…anyway…keep the faith, thanks, and hang in there.


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