The TRUE Scott Stedeford. Not what you see online

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Welcome to This is a forum to reveal the truth about Scott Stedeford’s loving, compassionate heart.

We encourage anyone to comment here that knows Scott Stedeford and his true character. Please comment even if you don’t know Scott, but were involved in the racist movement or any other gang. Tell us your story so this can be a forum to help young people avoid getting caught up in hate and manipulation before it’s too late.

“I am 46 years old. In the mid-1990s, I was convicted of armed bank robberies. I received a 30-year sentence, and have been in Federal Prison for over 19 years. The others involved were released within 5-8 years, except one who had a long rap sheet. I had NO past criminal history.

I have been completely rehabilitated for many years now. I work five jobs, have taken thousands of hours in educational classes, while teaching people of ALL races and religions.

I have support for my immediate release from inside the prison, as well as support from people on the outside who know the true Scott Stedeford. Some have known me all my life, and each will tell you I AM NOT the person portrayed on hate sites, in the media, or on search engines. I am NOT a POW!

In fact, I have not even used the Internet. I never approved promotions, images or products online. I don’t even know everything that is on the Internet about me, but I can tell you the TRUTH and my records back it up.

I have recently been told that people have taken the songs I created in 1994 and have printed and re-printed CDs, MP3s, videos, created an unauthorized Facebook Fan page, created T-shirts, and selling items under my name without my permission.

This is putting notions out there that I support this. I DO NOT condone what is being done to my image, nor do I support any type of racism or hate. This is the ONLY site where you will hear directly from me, Scott Stedeford.

My handwritten letter posted here, which will show you who I really am. I appreciate your support in eliminating hate and overcoming the past, with the opportunity to have a second chance at life to continue helping others.” Scott Anthony Stedeford Official letter