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Welcome to This is a forum to reveal the truth about Scott Stedeford’s loving, compassionate heart.

We encourage anyone to comment here that knows Scott Stedeford and his true character. Please comment even if you don’t know Scott, but were involved in the racist movement or any other gang. Tell us your story so this can be a forum to help young people avoid getting caught up in hate and manipulation before it’s too late.

“I am 46 years old. In the mid-1990s, I was convicted of armed bank robberies. I received a 30-year sentence, and have been in Federal Prison for over 19 years. The others involved were released within 5-8 years, except one who had a long rap sheet. I had NO past criminal history.

I have been completely rehabilitated for many years now. I work five jobs, have taken thousands of hours in educational classes, while teaching people of ALL races and religions.

I have support for my immediate release from inside the prison, as well as support from people on the outside who know the true Scott Stedeford. Some have known me all my life, and each will tell you I AM NOT the person portrayed on hate sites, in the media, or on search engines. I am NOT a POW!

In fact, I have not even used the Internet. I never approved promotions, images or products online. I don’t even know everything that is on the Internet about me, but I can tell you the TRUTH and my records back it up.

I have recently been told that people have taken the songs I created in 1994 and have printed and re-printed CDs, MP3s, videos, created an unauthorized Facebook Fan page, created T-shirts, and selling items under my name without my permission.

This is putting notions out there that I support this. I DO NOT condone what is being done to my image, nor do I support any type of racism or hate. This is the ONLY site where you will hear directly from me, Scott Stedeford.

My handwritten letter posted here, which will show you who I really am. I appreciate your support in eliminating hate and overcoming the past, with the opportunity to have a second chance at life to continue helping others.” Scott Anthony Stedeford Official letter




  1. I knew Scott as a very young boy who was always respectful and courteous. He came to my home many times to borrow music equipment from my son. He has a wonderful supportive family. Please let Scott come home to his mother sister and brother. The neighborhood is so sad for all that has happened to our friend and neighbor. I believe Scott has paid for his mistake. Please find it reasonable to free him and send him home. JG

  2. Scott has one more step to shed the image of the past that people have had of him all these years. He regretted making Day of the Sword music and felt obligated to send in the DAT for ONE set of production because he gave his word to do so. He did not want anything to do with the White Power movement as far back as 1995 because of the conduct of all the people he met in his short time of involvement.

    Scott is true to his word and this is one thing among many that make him an amazing man that does not belong in prison when he can be helping so many others outside!

  3. Scott, my name is Jay Evans. I was told I could contact you directly at this site. I’ve heard rumors that you are filing lawsuits against certain extremist organizations. I wanted to know if there’s any truth to this. If there is I’d like to offer my assistance.

    Let me briefly explain. Like yourself, I got in with bad people and got in trouble. I only had a brush with the law, however it was enough turn my life around. I had a chance to got to law school, and now I’m a licensed mediator. I’ve dealt with these groups before, and I know how they operate. If you are actually filing law suits, I can help you win them. Please respond to this message right away, and I’ll send you my contact information.

    • Jay,
      I appreciate your offer to help. To clear up the rumors, there are no lawsuits. There were a few companies selling my music and some merchandise without my permission. I asked them to stop, and most have complied. I’ve been advised not to pursue any communication with these companies anymore. But thanks for your offer. We just changed admins, so sorry this wasn’t posted sooner. He will be more on top of things.

  4. I am proud to have known Scott for several decades and remain his close friend. Scott is a man of love, faith, truth, and compassion. He has always been humble and it amazes me that he has such a positive outlook and continues to help others even after 18 years in prison.

    Yes, Scott made mistakes within just a few years time by falling into the wrong doctrine and being lead astray from his morals. He has repented for these actions and has done more good in his life than most people. There is no reason he should have been sentenced to 30 years! None! Murderers get far less time than this. His life before and while in prison speaks for itself. He is humble, gracious and full of love for others. Scott is a blessing to those who cross his path because he genuinely cares about them. He has so much support from family, long time friends, fellow prisoners, and even prison staff. If you only knew the man he was and still is you would see why this sentence is completely unjust!

    We are still trying to understand why he received so much time when he had no prior criminal record and the others who were involved in the crimes committed were released within 5-8 years. These other defendants are out in society, so why is Scott still in prison? He has been fully rehabilitated so why can’t we make room for criminals who need to be in prison?

    Scott has a lot of work to accomplish on the outside and has been given great gifts and talent to help those in need. He has dedicated his life to living a pure life and it is a waste of tax payer money to keep him in prison!

  5. DOUBLE BASS DRUMMING: Driving on the Left Side (from the Right Perspective)–Leading With the Left Foot by Scott Stedeford

    Most right-handed drummers begin double-bass phrases with their right foot. It is only natural. And this is what many double bass instructors teach their students. But this approach comes with an inherent alignment issue that could be problematic for some drummers. For example, if you play a straight 8th-note or 16th-note double bass phrase, you’ll notice that the foot must play each beat in conjunction with the snare hand. In concept it’s good to have this kind of lateral limb independence. Functionally, however, it can stifle the feel of certain double bass phrases.

    I’m right handed. My dominant right side naturally takes the lead in almost everything I do. Yet when I began learning double bass I struggled to keep my right foot aligned with my left snare hand. I could start patterns with precision using my right foot; but when the first snare stroke landed, my feet seemed to automatically trade leadership roles. At first I wasn’t able to realize what was happening. I would feel an interruption in the coordination of my feet, and hear a sloppy blurb of notes as the feet stuttered and assumed their new roles.

    I was very discouraged. It was the type of issue that wouldn’t correct itself. In fact, it seemed only to worsen the harder I tried to correct it. {How could my dominant foot be so uncoordinated?} At first I tried diagnosing the problem by slowing down the troublesome phrases. Unfortunately, what happens at tempo doesn’t always happen when you slow down. At slower rates I found that I had no problem maintaining the right foot/left hand alignment. To analyze the problem more effectively, I had to isolate my right foot during play. I did this by removing my left foot from the pedal and placing it on the floor next to the pedal. Then I played at full speed.

    Immediately I noticed that when the snare hand landed, the right foot played two beats instead of one — or, a double stroke — after which it would maintain a steady meter without interruption. The second beat, I discovered, acted to invert the right foot’s position from playing the on the down beat to playing the on the up beat. The left foot then became the down beat player. At the point of conversion, however, the left foot was forced to pause for a spit second, causing the sloppy stuttering of beats.

    For a time I devoted many practice sessions to the right foot, trying to force its alignment with the snare hand to feel natural. It didn’t work. So I was left with the following conclusions: (1) it felt natural to begin phrases with my right foot, but (2) it felt unnatural for the right foot and left hand to align (at least on straight 8th-note or 16th-note patterns), and thus (3) my right foot automatically relinquished its leadership role by adding a double stroke. With this information I was able to formulate a coordination simple and effective fix. I simply moved the double stroke to the head of the phrase. This allowed me to start all phrases with my confident right foot but with the left foot playing all the down beats, and corrected the alignment from lateral to same-side limbs (left foot with left hand, right foot with right hand). Most importantly, it felt and sounded strong, confident, and natural.

    This was a good fix, but only up to a point. As the speed increased, my ability to execute a clean double stroke decreased. But the correction, again, was easy. I simply removed the first stroke, leaving the second stroke in its original metric position. The first beat in the phrase therefore contained no bass drum; the beat was only implied by whatever instrument I chose to begin with (hi-hat, ride, etc.). The second bass drum stroke plays the up beat, with the left foot following on all down beats. The hands and feet remain synchronized without compromising the sound. In fact, at high speeds the missing bass drum isn’t noticeable. It sounds very clean, intentional and stylistic.

    I’m sure this will help those of you who are struggling with the same alignment issues. But don’t let these approaches stop you from building superior limb independence and left foot coordination. Ultimately it’s an issue of feel. Rhythms groove because you’re body, each limb, is comfortable in the groove. If you find yourself struggling, take time to analyze the problem, and create a solution. There are no wrong limb combinations. Drive on the left side when you need to

  6. I was with Scott in Federal Prison for years and can attest that he consistently went out of his way to help everyone who asked, and many who just needed a hand!
    Since my release I have been working on building a business and wish I had money to help him and the other good people I met during that journey.
    Scott is amazing, hand writing music scores, playing and instructing on any instrument we had available. I’ve seen him playing rhythm, lead, singing and running the mixing board, incredible!
    Don’t really have cash, but anything I can do to help, I am happy to as he helped me in many ways!

  7. Hello everyone. My name is Mike. I met Scott in prison. I was lost and headed down a destructive path. I lost all during the events leading to my incarceration. Meeting scott has been the best thing that has happened in my life. This strong, smart, courageous, dedicated, and giving man helped me find my saving grace. No matter what his past says, I can tell you he IS the best friend and mentor anyone could ever ask for. What he helped me accomplish is the best gift anyone can ever give. SCOTT, I miss you and pray for you ALWAYS. THANK YOU FRIEND. GOD BLESS!!!!


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