1. We have all done things in our lives that we regret. Some people make little mistakes and some people make larger mistakes. Recognizing them is what makes those mistakes count. Scott Stedeford, for as long as I’ve known him, has expressed his dissatisfaction with himself over his past; he has “recognized” and accepted his faults.
    Throughout my own 17 year incarceration I have come to meet some…um…unsavory characters, to put it delicately. Some of them operated from a polluted core philosophy and others were just lost somewhere along the way. Scott, for lack of better words, was, at one point, lost. There aren’t too many people that I would say deserve to be free from prison even though I have been there…I actually deserved to be there. And when I think of Scott I don’t think of what he does or does not deserve. Instead, I always think what the world is missing by him being in there. I mean, if there is a mind that can do anything and that person is not here, in the free world, then what are WE MISSING. I can’t say enough about Scott. And I implore anyone of you reading this that if you want to know more about him, I will be glad to tell you who he is.

  2. I have known Scott Stedeford for many, many years and know his heart better than anyone. We have had so many communications about his childhood, his few lost years where he was involved in the Christian Identity doctrine, and his mindset for the past 18 years.
    He has accepted responsibility for his actions during his lost years. He is not the image you see or hear about by others. He is full of love, in fact he lives his life according to the spirit of Jesus Christ.
    Jesus is love, not hate. Scott goes out of his way daily to help others with whatever they need, regardless of their race or religion.

    Unfortunately, his image and the music he had created was idolized by cowards. People have profited from producing items and selling them without his permission while these same people have not even attempted to communicate with him. He saw the racist movement for what it was in 1995 and regretted even creating CI music.
    He has never seen the fraud on the internet until he was told about it recently. He has served enough time and his prison records show he has never been in trouble and only spent his time doing positive things for himself and others. I’m still unsure why he was left hung out to dry for 30 years when the others who were much more involved in these crimes were released within 5-8 years. It is Scott’s time to be released NOW and help others on the outside. His mission is to tell his story about how hanging around the wrong people and being influenced by racism can destroy your life.
    Listen up young people, in the eyes of the law you are just as guilty as those you hang around with. Guilty by association! Use your discernment and pick the best friends you can and don’t let anyone influence you with negative doctrine.

  3. I have known Scott for a number of years, and have learned alot from him both about music and about life itself. I met Scott in prison where I was serving time for a crime that I committed, when we met I was a young, raw person, but Scott saw through all of that and saw potential in me that no one else at the time saw.
    Scott and I went on to become close, and he took his time out to teach me everything that I could absorb about music, and in the meantime expressed his views on life, and we had numerous in depth conversations about any number of topics.
    Together we wrote a number of songs that I took with me when I left prison and am in the process of copyrighting and getting ready to release to the public.
    Scott is a caring, compassionate man, who has taken his time in prison to become a better person, better than most, and definitely better than me.
    My heart goes out to Scott, and his quest for release. It is my deepest heartfelt belief that Scott has served his time, and has learned more from it than anyone could.
    I tell people everyday that Scott is my friend, and that he helped make me a better person than I was before, if not for him I might still be full of negativity, with no release. Through Scott and through music I found a passion for life again that I didn’t think I would ever find.
    Thank you Scott, Good luck.

    • Thank you for taking the time to express your positive experience with Scott. He really appreciates you.:) You are blessed. You have favor and grace upon you and there is no limit to your success.

  4. I believe Scott is a great guy and talented musician.
    I have worked with Scott on numerous songs and without him those songs would have never turned out the way they did.
    I can’t wait for the day Scott gets out of jail because I would love to write some music with him and maybe even open a studio if he’s interested.
    What happened to Scott was wrong and those who took advantage of him should be where Scott is at.
    Stand strong Scott, God always helps the persecuted.

  5. I have known Scott and seen the change in him from before he committed the crimes to after, and now all these years later we have stayed in touch. Most of our lives! Scott has always treated people with respect and helped others. It just so happened that during the early 90s he was going through rough times and met up with the wrong people. He was always intelligent but he took interest in this doctrine for a short time, meanwhile his musical talent was taken advantage of and he was pressured to submit or possibly be in danger by these people he was involved with.

    In my opinion, his crime should never have received such a drastic punishment because he never hurt anyone. Murderers and rapists get far less time than 30 years. Scott never hurt anyone from his youth up until now. He has avoided bad influences while in prison and has only been helping others by setting a great example of how to live your life even in the worst circumstances. He teaches classes and music lessons and mentors young men not to fall into the pitfalls of prison life.

    Scott is one of the best friends I’ve ever had and he deserves a second chance in this world. He is not the person movement people idolize. He actually has many friends of different ethnicity and faith. The REAL Scott Stedeford is a kind man who can make a huge difference on the outside by helping others in many different ways.

  6. I did time with Scott at Schuylkill.

    A really nice guy – generous with his time, helpful, intelligent. He was doing his best in difficult circumstances to improve himself, and along the way improved a lot of other people, too.

    Thirty years is far too high a price to pay for running around with a bunch of halfwits. I really hope he gets out soon.

  7. Scott and I were in a band together in PA at the time of his arrest 20 years ago, was arrested in our rehearsal studio. I also worked with Scott and did lights for one of his bands several years before we played together. During that window must have been the time he got wrapped up in that. He was an amazing musician, incredibly talented. I never knew that there was a racist bone in his body. Thought he was a great person, very ex centric and dedicated. I hope you are doing well Scott, sounds like you are making the best of your time

  8. I wonder how Scott feels about Kevin McCarthy getting witness protection and Michael Brescia doing less than half of his little sentence.

    McCarthy now living with a Federal agent (a surrogate father) and Brescia living in Canada.

    Scott got screwed


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